Supplement: How To Build An Email List

What I usually do before a product launch is to start building buzz

on my email list. If you do not have an email list, then I would

recommend to start one immediately. With an email list, you can

direct traffic to your product listing as soon as it goes live. And

since you have total control over your email campaigns, you can

customize the messaging according to different segments of your target


1. I usually create a campaign that hypes my subscribers leading up to

your product launch. You can direct them to a landing page or any of

your social media accounts.

2. Countdowns are a great way to constantly remind your email list

that you have an amazing deal in store for them. I hold mini contests

and/or surprise people on my email lists with a free eBook or guide

promoting my product launch.

3. On the launch date, I let my subscribers have first dibs on the

product. I set a special price for the first 10, 20, or 30 people to

order. Since my early adopters already have a relationship with me,

they will be more likely to give my newly launched product a review.

4. I follow up always asking for an honest review.

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