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  Recommended Tools

All of these tools are optional meaning you do not need to have them for the course. However, these tools make your life much easier and so they are recommended

Top Recommendations:

Jungle Scout Web App:

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension:

Seller Labs Products:

Seller Labs Feedback Genius:


Jungle Scout Sales Estimator:

CamelCamelCamel:<-- highly recommended tool!



14 Day Free Trial:

Clickfunnels: <-- highly recommended tool!

Monthly Subscription:

Jungle Scout Web App: <-- highly recommended tool!



Fetcher: <-- highly recommended for Amazon accounting management

JumpSend: <-- highly recommended Amazon email automation tool

AMZ Scout:

AMZ Scout Pro:

Amzpecty: <-- highly recommended, new tool for checking competitors stock/quantity!



Sellics: <-- 14 day free trial no credit card required

AdEspresso: <-- 14 day free trial no credit card required, just use for 14 days

Webmerge: for creating all kinds of documents including inserts

One Time Fee:

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension: